Accommodations Near The Ashram

During large events it is not always possible to stay at The Ashram. If the centre is already booked to capacity, please use these links to find other nearby accommodations.

Name / Image Type / Address / Contact Sort descending Capacity / Price / Comments
Fam. Waltraud & Roland Berndt 4-6 people€ 40/night: 2 persons
€ 5/night: Additional personAdditional cleaning costs
Erna Roth 2-6 people€ 40/night: 2 persons
€ 10/night: Additional personAdditional cleaning costs
Family Manfred und Irmgard Bender 1-5 people€ 35-64/night
€ 25-30/night: Additional single or double roomAdditional cleaning costs
Family Stefan and Stephanie Funk 1-3 people€35/ night: Single person
€15/ night: Additional personCleaning costs included
Katrin Mansa Schoppe Accommodation near The Ashram 1-5people€ 45/night: Single person
€ 10/night: Additional personCleaning costs includedMinikitchen and bathroom
Family Slomka, Klaus &Traudel 2-5 people€ 45/night: 2 persons
€ 10/night: Additional personCleaning costs included
Sieglinde Dillenberger 2-4 people€ 45/night: 2 personsAdditional cleaning costs
Manuela und Andreas Bröder Accommodation near The Ashram 2€ 46/night: 2 persons in total
Additional cleaning costs€ 3065 sqm
Family Jochen Semmler Max. 6 people€ 25/night: Single personCleaning costs includedBedlinen and towels included
Family Klaus Muerth 1-4 people€ 35/night: Single person
€ 25/night per person: 2 persons and moreAdditional cleaning costs
Marina und Helge Kaiser Accommodation near The Ashram 4 people€ 25/day: Per personCleaning costs included
Sabine Peuckmann Ebert & Andreas Martin 6-7 peoplePrice on requestAdditional cleaning costs

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