Accommodations Near The Ashram

During large events it is not always possible to stay at The Ashram. If the centre is already booked to capacity, please use these links to find other nearby accommodations.

Name / Image Type / Address / Contact Sort descending Capacity / Price / Comments
Hotel Haus am Park € 35-40/night: Single Room
€ 35- more /night: Double Room

Breakfast inclusive
B&B Hotel Wiesbaden B&B Hotel Wiesbaden € 58/night: Single room
€ 68/night: Double room
€ 88/night: Triple room
Hotel Oranien Hotel Oranien € 40/night: Single room
€ 70-80/night: Double room
Breakfast inclusive
Tannenhof Waldschlösschen Accommodation near The Ashram € 38/night: Single room
€ 70/night per person: Double room
€ 35/night per person: Triple room

Breakfast inclusive
Wiesenmühle € 72-79/night: Double room/ without breakfast
€ 80-90/ night: Double room/ inclusive breakfast
€ 60 /night: single room / inclusive breakfast

Hotel Russischer Hof  Accommodation near The Ashram € 78-80/night: Double room

Breakfast inclusive
Klauser Mühle Price on request
Hotel-Restaurant Malepartus € 53/night: Single room
€ 85/night: Double room
Breakfast not inclusive: Vegetarian or Vegan Breakfast for 8€
Kaiserhof,R.Maaß und Söhne GbR € 55/night: Single room
€ 90/night: Double roomBreakfast inclusive
Hotel Schlangenbader Hof Accommodation near The Ashram Price on request
Breakfast inclusive
Gästehaus Hubertus Family Laufer Price on request
Sabine Peuckmann Ebert & Andreas Martin 6-7 peoplePrice on requestAdditional cleaning costs
Gästehaus Elisabeth Price on request
Gästehaus Werner Price on request
Emmely Price on request
Taitl im Grünen Price on request
Nassauer Hof Price on request
Ferienwohnung Mathilde und Lichtenstein 2 flates, each max. 2 personPrice on request , see webpageonly bookable from 4 nights onwards
fully furnished plus kitchen
Zum Waldblick Price on request
Aartalblick Price on request

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