Journey with Sriman Narayana

By Serve a Deity

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The Journey with Sriman Narayana is open to everyone who would like to know more about the ultimate form of the Divine.

Sriman Narayana is the source, creator, sustainer and destroyer of all universes. Most often, Lord Narayana incarnates due to the calling of His devotees. Every time He incarnates on earth is for the welfare and protection of Mother Earth and the restoration of dharma.

The Lord's Name is as powerful as He Himself. Chanting ‘om namo narayanaya’ only once with devotion is enough to give you liberation. 'om namo narayanaya' means 'I give my respect to the Lord in whom all things abide and who abides in all things.'

Therefore, if you would like to reach the ultimate form of the Divine within you, this is the journey for you.


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Experiencing Sriman Narayana

with Swami Revatikaantananda

In this video Swami Revatikaantananda will help you to discover who Sriman Narayana is, what is our relationship to Him, and why that relationship is so important.

Connecting to Sriman Narayana

through sacred chanting

You’ll learn how to chant the famous Narayana Suktam from the Vedas. It is a perfect chant to access and praise the supreme reality in our hearts. The video enables you to practice the Sanskrit alphabet and reproduce the chant on a keyboard.

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Singing Praises to Sriman Narayana

with Aaradhakananda

In this video, Aaradhakananda will show how to sing and play on the harmonium the Bhakti Marga version of the Vishnu-arati.

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