Journey with Tulsi-Devi

By Serve a Deity

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The Journey with Tulsi-devi is open to everyone who would like to know more about one of the greatest bhaktas of the Lord.

Tulsi-devi is the personification of selfless devotion. She is such a pure incarnation of devotion that whoever offers a puja to the Lord without offering a leaf of Tulsi, the puja is considered to be incomplete, since the leaf of Tulsi-devi is the representation of bhakti itself. That's why learning about Tulsi-devi will help you understand the importance of Her for those on the path of bhakti.

For all those that want to excel in their devotion to the Lord, to know about Tulsi-devi is a great aid in attaining the mercy and the Lord Himself.


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Experiencing Tulsi-Devi

with Jaigopalananda

In this video you will discover who Tulsi-devi is, what is our relationship to Her, why that relationship is so important, and why She is such a great bhakta of the Lord.

Connecting to Tulsi-Devi

using Rangoli with Punita

Rangoli is an Indian art form used in many Hindu festivals, especially in the month of Diwali. Here you will be shown how to make two Rangoli designs for the upcoming Tulsi Vivaha celebration.

Download Rangoli Patterns

Singing Praises to Tulsi-Devi

with Aaradhakananda

You will be skillfully led through the traditional Tulsi-arati by Aaradhakananda who will make it very easy to learn how to sing and play the Tulsi-arati on the harmonium.

Download Lyrics and Chords

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