Journey with Durga-devi

By Serve a Deity

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The Journey with Divine Mother is open to everyone who would like to know more about Durga-devi. 

Durga-devi is one manifestation of the cosmic Divine Mother. She has been worshipped since ancient times and is well known throughout the world as one of the most impressive and formidable goddesses.

Being a compassionate warrior goddess, She battles the demons that plague humankind, including the 'inner demons' that so many are troubled with in these modern times. For that reason alone, She is definitely worth getting to know!


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Connecting with Durga-devi

with Swami Vishwakurunandhanananda

In this video, Swami Vishwakurunandhanananda will help you to connect with the Divine Mother in the form of Durga-devi. The video explores and presents the nine forms of Durga-devi, personal experiences, worship of Durga-devi, stories and more.

Bharatanatyam Dance: Durga-devi

with Bhavani

Bharatanatyam is a sacred classical dance originating in South India. The aim of such a divine art form is to bring the dancer and the audience closer to the Divine through re-telling traditional and ancient lilas (stories) and depicting deities. 

In this Bharatanatyam piece, we will show the Divine Mother in Her fierce aspect as Kali and Durga. Through Her compassion, She becomes the slayer of the demonic qualities (Mahishasura Mardini) and cuts off the head of our ego. As a result, She makes our mind shine with divine virtues, bringing us closer to the Supreme Lord Narayana, Her brother.

Singing praises to Durga-devi

with Aaradhakananda

In this video, Aaradhakananda will show you how to sing and play the Bhavani Ashtakam. This is the hymn to Maha-Durga, and it is a beautiful form of worship: You Alone are my Refuge, Oh Mother Bhavani.

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