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Journey with Radha-Krishna

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The Journey with Radha-Krishna is open to everyone who would like to know more about the Divine Couple.

Radha and Krishna, together, represent the ultimate state of perfection. A state that can only be attained by the bhakta who has single-pointed, unwavering devotion and love towards the Supreme Lord.

Radha’s love for Krishna is the longing of the atma for the paramatma. Krishna’s love for Radha is the paramatma longing for the atma.

Their relationship is YOUR relationship. It’s not something far away, and it’s not something complicated. It’s the closest and most intimate experience you can have.


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Radha-Krishna explained

with Mayuran

In this video, we will delve into the glorious relationship between Radha and Krishna. Using the Gita Govinda, the Shrimad Bhagavatham and the Tamil Alvars, we will learn about the ecstatic state of devotion that exists between our soul and God.

Connecting to Radha-Krishna through Painting Meditation

with Dakshini

Have you ever thought of painting Radha-Krishna? In this video, Dakshini will help you to connect to the Divine Couple through the creative medium of painting. After all, Paramahamsa Vishwananda has said that 'painting is meditation'.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of devotional images of Radha-Krishna. The guided Painting Meditation helps you to feel the connection with the Divine.

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Arts Painting Meditation Catalogue

Singing for Giridhari

with Aaradhakananda

In this video, Aaradhakananda will teach you how to play and sing this beautiful bhajan that Paramahamsa Vishwananda Himself composed. 

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Lyrics Meaning and Notes

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