Announcing a New Series of Creative Courses

Create your very own devotional painting
Shree Peetha Nilaya

Have you ever wanted to draw and paint your favourite Krishna, Jesus, Divine Mother or Sri Yantra picture from start to finish? And have you ever longed to have a week to just paint the whole day? Dreamed of having an opportunity to deeply explore your creativity without the distractions of daily life? If this sounds like exactly what your creative spirit needs, read on for all the details. 


Imagine slowing down and allowing our Art Studio’s tranquil energy to breathe new life into your creative painting process. Combine this with an in-depth drawing and painting program, and a supportive environment with no distractions, and you have the ingredients for a truly transformational week.

  • Krishna & Hindu Deities Painting Retreat
  • Icon Painting Retreat
  • Sri Yantra Retreat 
  • Glass Painting Retreat

Presenting: Creative Painting Courses at The Ashram

These special painting retreats allow you the extra time to connect with your Ishtadev or Deity of your choice and dive into your creative potential on a deeper level. You'll enjoy the creative space, the spiritual environment, and the focused time to create your favourite devotional painting, step by step, plus the personal assistance to improve your painting skills, too.



With a BM Painting Courses, you’ll get:

  • Confidence in using layers of acrylic paint and translucent glazes to bring depth and personal connection into your piece
  • Experience in new tools and techniques
  • Attunement with your inner guidance 
  • Experience in how Love is expressed outwardly and felt inwardly
  • Increased inspiration during your creative process 
  • Increased motivation as you go deeper into your dedication and intuition
  • Joy and self-confidence for creating a devotional art piece on your own
  • All the materials you'll need: brushes, pencils, paints, and a primed 40 x 50cm canvas

What Makes These Courses Unique:

  • A variety of art techniques are presented during the week
  • The teaching style is playful and enjoyable
  • Only acrylic or gouache vegan paint is used
  • Plenty of time allows you to experiment with different tools
  • You can explore the creative process at your own pace   
  • An art teacher is present at all times to support your painting process and help you find your own style 

Divine Love is the core, the essence of everything.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda 

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