Important New Guidelines for Visiting The Ashram!

Jai Gurudev everyone,

Hessen state declared recently that religious services are again allowed for the public.

So, even though we are still mostly closed, you are all allowed to come again for prayers, providing that certain time and procedure guidelines are followed.

Daily Prayer Open Hours: 

Mon-Sat 7:00 - 8:30, Sun 9:00 - 11:30; evenings 19:00-20:00

Furthermore, on weekends the Bhakti Shop will be open, and also the Bhajan Cafe will serve food and drinks, but only on a "take away" basis. (Note that this is a "service" we offer in addition to the prayers, so that you can eat and drink something, but unfortunately it is not yet possible for you to sit down and spend a longer time in SPN before/after prayers, or eat with the residents.)

Bhajan Cafe:

Sat: 16:30-18:00 and 19:00-20:00

Sunday: 8:30-9:00 and after prayers-13:00

Please be aware that spaces in the temple are limited! To attend an event in person, you must register through the Event Calendar.

After prayers or the event is over, unfortunately, we have to request that you leave the property. It is not yet possible to stay in SPN overnight.

No courses, seminars, tours, OM Chanting circles, etc. are taking place at this time. 

In addition, we ask you to wear a face mask during the whole time you are on the property, and to strictly adhere to the following rules:


  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres at all times from the next person (see places marked in the temple). The only exception is when you are a family who also lives together.
  • Disinfect your hands when coming in and when leaving the temple (disinfection provided).
  • You have to wear a face mask in the temple (and during your whole stay on The Ashram premises).
  • It is prohibited to kiss or in any way touch the murtis and padams.
  • If you attend the Panduranga, Shirdi or Kali Arati, you MUST also keep a 1.5m distance from the next person. 

Bhajan Cafe

  • You can buy take away foods and drinks at the Bhajan Cafe. However, we can not yet allow you to sit down and eat/drink inside the building. 
  • Unfortunately you cannot yet join the meals with the residents in the dining hall. 

Bhakti Shop

  • A maximum of 3 people at a time are allowed to enter the Bhakti Shop (maximum of 6 persons at a time in the clothes Shop). 
  • A distance of 1.5 metres minimum between people is required in the Shop.
  • A face mask must be worn while shopping.

Summary for visiting The Ashram

  • Always keep a distance of 1.5m between each other.
  • Use the provided disinfectant before entering the temple.
  • Always wear a face mask.
  • Don't eat or drink the "take away" food inside the ashram.
  • Don't stay on the property after prayers or an event is over.

We are happy that you can finally come back, even for a little time, and look forward to welcoming you again!

Much Love ❤️,
STC & SPN Appointed Swamis