International Music Coordinators Workshop 2019

28 July – 02 August 2019 at The Ashram
Shree Peetha Nilaya


Jai Gurudev!

Recently twenty-two International Music Coordinators of the Bhakti Marga family visited The Ashram for a 6-day Music Coordinators Seminar with Aradhakananda, head of BM Music international.

This year's seminar was the second edition of the workshop and everyone spent lots of time in deepening their knowledge of kirtan and bhakti and practicing!

During these six days, different topics were offered such as bhakti saints and the history of kirtan. They talked about the history of kirtan in Bhakti Marga and had the good fortune to have Paartha spontaneously coming to the course and sharing facts about the very first years of Guruji's mission. The days included theory lessons for Western and Indian music, vocal lessons, discussions about how to start and develop kirtan groups in the countries, and even a quiz to test their knowledge.

The workshop was supplemented by rigorous daily practice of harmonium and mridanga to enable the coordinators to teach basic courses in their countries. The group was lucky to have Viveak Sharma there, a kirtan artist from Vrindavan, who provided theoretical knowledge on traditional Indian music as well as vocal lessons.

This seminar was based on two main objectives: To learn how to teach the basic workshops for harmonium, mridanga and kirtan group practices, and the second objective was given by Guruji Himself: "Share the glory of singing the Shreemad Bhagavatam". That prompted everyone to study the leelas and the bhajans connected to the Bhagavatam, and so the course was filled with the exciting study and practice of music relating to this timeless work, emphasising the stories of Divine Love between bhakta and Bhagavan.

Aaradhakananda would like to thank everyone for the support, and hopes that now there will be a push to spread more the joy and depth of Bhakti Marga Kirtan around the worldThis workshop was another great step in celebrating the Bhakti Marga family: a global sangha (association and community) that venerates the Divine through music.