Re-imagined Art Studio

New Open Art Studio at The Ashram
Shree Peetha Nilaya, September 2019

A new look awaits you in the Atelier at SPN: it has been transformed into the Open Art Studio, offering a more generous and welcoming space and a wide selection of new art courses.


One of many recent renovations at SPN can been seen in the Art Atelier: it has been transformed into the Open Art Studio, offering a more generous space and a wide selection of new art courses. As an ideal location for creativity in tranquility, the Open Art Studio has become an OASis for everyone who wants to explore bhakti art made easy. 

Come and explore a wonderful way to get connected with the Divine while doing something with your hand, mind and heart. No previous painting skills are required. In the midst of the busy events, take a moment to experience the Divine while painting Devotional Colouring Cards of deities and saints (Eastern and Western) as well as the Sri Yantra. The outlines are pre-drawn and in high quality for just 3 Euros.

Let your creativity guide you, be inspired and colourise your own designs. You can even bring your coffee and cake from the Bhajan Cafe or your own vegan snacks!

Special Navaratri Offer

Drawings of all the 9 Devis have been prepared: come and deepen your journey through Navaratri by colouring each aspect of the Divine Mother every day – at the Ashram or at home.

Throughout the year, the SPN Open Art Studio offers many Creative Arts Workshops, at all levels of experience. In the shorter workshops, we will explore simple drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and crafts. 

Also, if you want to spread the joy and experience of Bhakti Marga Art, consider becoming a Bhakti Marga Painting Meditation Teacher yourself and start sharing this path with the people around you!

Course Overview

Calm the mind, elevate the soul, and dive into your inner divinity!

  • Open Art Studio
  • Short Workshops @ Open Art Studio
  • Devotional Art & Sri Yantra Courses
  • Art Exhibition & Sale
  • Temple Art Exhibition at Bhutabhrteshwarnath Mandir 

Note: The OAS is only open when announced officially. 
Advance online registrations are very much appreciated, especially for BM Art courses.

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