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Serve Those
Who Serve Humanity

We are happy to offer you this unique opportunity to become an integral part of The Ashram life. With the Serve a Deity Program, you can be of vital assistance to the pujaris by helping to make sure the daily needs of the deities and the temple are taken care of financially. 

Carry the Blessing

With your contributions, you are bestowed with a special blessing of the deities every day. The blessing helps restore balance and harmony to all the five elements of nature. This helps to bring more harmony and stability into our lives, which empowers us to serve others better. Through the blessing given to you, you can be a source of change and support in this world.

Three Ways to Serve

We offer you three different ongoing ways to serve. Your participation will help support thousands of people along the spiritual path, not only current devotees, but also those who are new to our tradition.

Choose the package that resonates with you most. Each type of service has unique advantages and will only be open to a select few.

Deity Membership



  • One dedicated yagna 
  • Custom mala bag of your sponsored deity
  • One A4-size framed picture of your sponsored deity
  • Tulasi mala blessed by Guruji

Deity Membership


In addition to the Silver Deity package, Gold members also receive:

  • 3-day free deity weekend for yourself (accommodation and food during the stay)
  • Instead of an A4-size picture, a larger A3-size framed picture of your sponsored deity
  • Dedicated yagnas once a quarter
  • Personal deity from India (Size +/- 15cm)
  • Surprise parcel for your deity, shipped 3x yearly
  • Puja course at SPN

Deity Membership


In addition to the Gold Deity package, Platinum members receive:

  • Instead of an A3-size picture, an even larger A2-size framed picture of your sponsored deity
  • Dedicated yagna every month
  • Dedicated Full Moon puja
  • Instead of Gold size deity, Platinum size deity (Size +/- 25cm)
  • Surprise parcel for your deity, shipped 3x yearly
  • One relic from your sponsored deity
  • Personal puja course at SPN with an SPN Swami

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How Your Donations are Used Every Year

Pie chart serve a deity

Here are the costs to run the magnificent Bhutabrteshwarnath Mandir for one year:

Prasad: every day the deities receive freshly cooked prasad from our kitchen

Puja Supplies, Vessels & Cleaning Equipment: costs for the 5 elements (milk, ghee, etc.) and other items such as incense, kumkum, chandan, and more. (Some of the yoghurt and milk is provided by our own happy cows!)

Utilities: costs for water, electricity, maintenance, ground tax 

Staff: there would be no point in having the deities in our temple unless we had a team of dedicated pujaris to serve them four times a day, every day, no exception. Costs for the team of approximately 70 pujaries for 1 year. 

Deity Clothes & Jewellery: costs for several coordinated sets of  hand-sewn clothing to be designed and made for all the temple deities, as well as the purchase of jewellery to match

Daily Darshan

A new photo every day of the deities of the @bhutabhrteshwarnathmandir. Enjoy this special Darshan of the deities as if you were right there!

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