This Christmas

Create an Extraordinary Gift

Give Something Really Special

How can you gift your loved ones with something that goes beyond just ‘more stuff’? Especially in these challenging times, we need more than little trinkets that just get put on the shelf or stored in the attic, don’t we?

It’s time for a gift from the Divine!

Ever since ancient times, many have sought the blessings of the Divine at Christmas. Powerful, subtle and unlimited, the blessings from our temple's deities can protect, help and guide your beloved ones.

How Do You Choose this Gift?

First, think about the temple deity that you or your loved one would resonate with most. What strengths does the deity have that your loved one needs the most? Or likes the most? Find the deity that matches those strengths the best! Here are a few of the most well-known qualities:

  • Lord Narasimha: Purifies/Protects/Removes obstacles
  • Radha-Krishna: Divine Love/Devotion/Focus on God
  • Maha-Lakshmi: Wealth/Wisdom/Happiness
  • Sriman Narayana/Sri Ranganath: Connection/Provides/Shelters
  • The Masters: Protection/Grace/Supports one’s path 
  • Ram Darbar: Strength/Resilience/Assists in one’s dharma
  • Radha-Durga: Dissolves attachments/Amplifies desire for God
  • Tulsi-devi: Purifies mind & body/Unconditional love/Devotion
  • Saraswati-devi: Study skills/Creativity/True knowledge
  • Gayatri-devi: Artistic success/Sciences/Spiritual endeavours
  • Shiva & Kamakshi: Decreases desires/Assists/Builds bhakti
  • Gaura-Nitai: Divine experience/Lord's grace/Joyful chanting
  • Panduranga & Rukmini: Relationship with God/Devotion/Service
  • Shirdi Sai Baba: Contentment/Faith/Acceptance
  • Hanuman: Humility/Joy of service/Strong mind & body
  • Kali-devi: Guardian/Shields from negativity/Compassion

Now, simply make a donation in your loved one’s name to support that deity with complete and loving service every day: 3 pujas and evening arati. During that personal service, the deities’ grace automatically flows to all those who have supported those specific rituals in the temple. In addition, your loved one’s name will be included in the blessings of the yajnas to the deities as well.

Start Creating Your Gift

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Who is this gift for?

This is a gift for everyone, whether they believe in God or not, since what they will receive is the blessing which will support every aspect of their lives. Along with your positive intention for your dear ones, the deities’ intercession will nurture their well-being in health, wealth, relationships…everything.

In fact, you might even think about gifting YOURSELF with this unique gift too! Whether for yourself or for another, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have served the Divine with this heartfelt gift. It’s so easy to do, and it can last all year long!