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Seva Experiences

We want to ignite the spark of sincere longing in people to serve and to realise that Seva is no different from our true Self.

We see Seva in Nature itself, the trees, the flowers, all the elements and the planet itself is just a big organism which serves each other for the sake of serving. The tree doesn’t expect something back for giving us oxygen, it just gives full-heartedly. When we do Seva as an act of Love, we are liberating ourselves from our many desires which hold us back from becoming who we are in our true essence.

We can speak so much about the greatness of Seva, but let's look at the many experiences of people who had the opportunity to do Seva in The Ashram or in other countries.

What People Say

Before I came to live in the Ashram in SPN, I was an entrepreneur. The load of responsibilities and expectations was often unbearable, because I relied on my own strength only. Seva in SPN is often so challenging that I am obliged to rely on God's guidance and support. With time I started seeing God's invisible hand in every Seva activity. It's so beautiful to observe that we are not the real doers.

Kailashananda - Switzerland

For me Seva is a way to connect with the Truth that is inside. Sometimes doing Seva feels very joyful, filling the heart with Love and Peace. Other times it brings out some not very nice things from the inside for me to look at it and transform. So it's cleansing and opens the heart for God's Love. And it keeps deepening further.

Kalmashi Dasi - Russia

Seva helped me to understand what it really means to do the service selflessly, that means without any expectation of any kind of appreciation or reciprocal service from other people. My "selfless" service before wasn't really selfless. And especially if I do seva during some events and miss to see Guruji because of that, it taught me to not to look with my eyes only as in my heart He is always with me, no matter how much I realise that in the particular moment.

Sudarsana Dasi - Czech Republic

Doing Seva in SPN I got to know the pleasure and love one can experience by serving others and thereby serving God himself. A great lesson that taught me the right attitude for life itself.

Vashishta - Germany

When I am doing seva, I didn’t thought of anything else. It’s Divine work nothing else. And it’s very pleased and make me feel complete and without any more worries. I forgot the world.

Harshala - Portugal

It was my first SEVA at the Just Love Festival 2019. I was at the Housekeeping Team and it was hard cleaning the toilets while everybody was dancing. But I hold on to sing OM NAMO NARAYANAYA until I felt love and joy. Now I know it is not the things you do which make you happy but your connection to him.

Adsithyavarnadasi - Germany

Seva has changed my life a lot, because first of all it has completely changed my mindset. To do Seva means to do everything out of a sincere Love, from the very heart and without expecting anything in return. And this feeling comes out of the simplicity and generosity of your soul. You just serve and you feel very grateful for this opportunity!

Pratyadhidevata Dasi - Spain

Seva gives direct experience of the Divine Love. It showed me humbleness when serving as a shoe keeper on Darshan in Puri. It gave me opportunity to talk about Gurudev to newcomers while selling numbers for JLF lottery in SPN. Enjoying Seva helps to remember God in any kind of work at home. Preparing salad in Vrindavan looking at Guruji's smiling picture made my salads at home full of Love and Joy. Beautiful!

Jayantha - Slovenia

Seva for me is a way to connect with God. Serving and helping the community with love as a family is as serving directly God which is in everyone Seva is joy.

Prakata Krithi Dasi - Italy

Seva is a living part of the relationship with the Divine. Our love relationship with the Divine can truly blossom, manifest itself, when we serve. Seva helps to transform the mind, to go deeper within oneself and to develop a true inner state of serving. The more purity and attitude, state of serving is shining through us, the more His love can shine forth and we can help and inspire others.

Vībhavarī - Latvia

Seva is doing service, the best I can, without personal interest, firstly for God or Guruji and for others. During this experience, I am connected body and mind with the present moment, it helps me to be centered and to be the observer observing the observed! It transforms me, I became much less emotional and I am able to step back from difficult relationship, for example, so I am more compassionate. In fact, I am more serene then much connected with Gurudev ! Love!

Kamalakantha - France

This makes Seva an amazing way to develop awareness. But even more, Seva is only Seva if it is done with exclusive focus on the other, making it devoid of all self-interest, making it the result of grace. This is a universal principle that exists in cultures all over the world. We are essentially encouraged to use the opportunity of serving another as a way to become aware of how ingrained our self-interest and desire for remuneration is.

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