Seva Scholarships (3 months)

If you have already experienced the Bhakti Seva Program (2-8 weeks) you can choose to go deeper into the experience of life at The Ashram and apply for a seva scholarship of three months.

Your meals and accommodation are provided at no charge.

Main seva scholarship areas

Start your seva experience with the Bhakti Seva Program

Interested in a seva scholarship of 3 months? In order to apply for this, you must come FIRST as a seva guest for 2-8 weeks through our Bhakti Seva Program.

Application: Seva Scholarship (3 months)

To apply for a seva scholarship after your Bhakti Seva Program experience, please fill in the online seva application form below:

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By applying for a scholarship you will be asked to do seva just like The Ashram Residents. Additional seva is focused on running the events and taking care of our guests, and often that mean longer seva hours and possibly no days off before, during or the day after an event. Since events are for guests, most of the time it is not possible for scholarship participants to fully participate in the event.

Other scholarship possibilities and special skills

Apart from the main seva areas, there may also be additional areas possible, especially if you have any specific skills which you would like to offer as seva. For example: graphic design, web development, audio engineering, video editing, photography, book editing, promotion, fundraising, translations, or any kind of manual skills like carpentry, landscape gardening or special construction skills.

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Questions about seva scholarships

If you have general questions about seva scholarships or if you have a special skill and you would like to find out if there is a seva possibility for it, please feel free to write to