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Worldwide Seva

The expression of Love and service to others is the main intention of doing Seva, so it is not bound by one place. It is something which connects people around the world; it is the element which brings people together for a higher purpose.

Would you like to share your precious moments of service in a Bhakti Marga activity?
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People are searching for happiness every day in so many different ways. They just need to change their attitude about how they are doing it. To be surrounded by like-minded people who also like to serve is something which inspires us. When we are surrounded by people who are only interested in profit or other limited things, then this mood catches us, too.

Being in an environment which encourages Seva is the best way to have a deeper experience of the power of Seva. To see the glow in the eyes of somebody doing Seva and to have this feeling of care, and being cared for, is something which touches our hearts.

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